Pandemic Road: Hauntings and Echos From the Past

In the middle of all of the sad, depressing and aggravating news that is floating around the internet and air waves, I have one piece of really good news. In August of 2021 I ordered a Witch’s Hand Candle Holder that was sure to arrive in time for Halloween. Pandemic was still going strong and I needed a good Witch’s Hand to cheer me up. I ordered it through Amazon. There were many stories about supply chains and shortages. Who knew all that would disrupt my Halloween happiness? It never arrived. Amazon closed the order. I was bereft and forlorn.

Just for fun and whimsy, I tried ordering it again in March 2022. Excitement of all excitement it arrived today. This is quite fitting since we have reached the halfway point to Halloween 2022. Time to start decorating and getting all of the skeletons in their festive positions. Of course for those of you who know me, understand that I never really took down all of the decorations from last year.

In addition to this wonderful arrival today, I also went for a brief tour of downtown Houston. It was interesting in some parts and sad in other parts. I walked past all of the restaurants I used to enjoy when grabbing a quick meal before the Ballet or a play at the Alley. I’m still live streaming many performances so dinner is now dependent on my kitchen and my cooking skills. Ugh.

I also spent some time walking around the Market Square section of downtown Houston. It is a very historic section,. Many of the original buildings still stand, but have been repurposed several times. Many of these buildings are known to be haunted and I love to research those stories. Since I am working on a story that involves Market Square and ghosts, I am particularly interested in which buildings are still original and which ones floated away during the big flood in 1935. The Majestic used to be a popular movie theater back in the day. Now it is event space up for rent. It might have been called The Ritz once upon a time.

There are several spots where you can see a blending of the old and new buildings. I hope some of the older buildings stay even if they get renovated and change owners several times. It’s the older buildings that are the most haunted. If all of the old buildings get torn down, where will the ghosts have to go? Maybe they’ll come and visit me for Halloween.

The ghosts of the past never really do leave us. Their stories continue and hopefully we learn some lessons from them. Who will be the ghosts that will haunt us in the future?

Until next time.……

4 Replies to “Pandemic Road: Hauntings and Echos From the Past”

  1. What a surprise to see a photo of the Majestic Metro!! That was where Tom and I had our wedding reception in the early 90’s. It was just being converted to an event space. We had a glorious party!

    I am SO happy for you that you now have in your possession The Witch’s Hand Candleholder!!

    1. Thanks for your feedback! If you would like, I can email you the picture I took of the Majestic. Sometimes visual items help me in my writing. Also, it is one of the few art deco used to be movie theaters in the downtown area. And there used to be a lot of these around. I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  2. Ellen,
    Wow, a Witch’s Candle Hand! Your Halloween collection continues to inspire me to purchase more nostalgic items for my vintage collection from thrift stores. I’m grateful that bell bottom jeans are back in style so I can finally get ditch my jeans from the 70’s. My pandemic self is ready to bust out of here and buy a new car, to go with my new bell bottom jeans! For me, as well, the ghosts of the past have never really left. As always, I enjoyed your post!

    1. Hi Marian:
      It’s only May and I am already to start decorating for Halloween. Actually, this summer is beginning to look like it’s going to be really hot so I am already looking forward to fall. I would trade a summer in Houston for a winter in Memphis. My 70s jeans left my possession a long time ago. Goodwill and a few vintage stores are my friends for decluttering. I am moving slowly out of the pandemic mode and have not traveled anywhere yet. By the way, I heard from Jack Stripling on my birthday. Apparently he now spends most of his time in Costa Rica…who knew? Miss you and our fun college days! Keep in touch.

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