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This blog came to life, courtesy Ellen, who prefers road travel to soaring skyward. She suggested driving to a Colorado-based writing retreat in June, 2018.

Melanie answered with two words, one of which can be repeated in mixed company. Young children, however, would probably be confused. C’est le vie—it wouldn’t be the first time either of us has been misunderstood.

Post-writing retreat, we contemplated life sans RoadBroads. Should we continue this blog? We both proclaimed a loud two-word answer, identical to Melanie’s reply to Ellen’s initial query. Amazing what happens when two women writers get to know each other on the road.

We’ve dialed back the blogging to one post each per week. Periodically, we’ll post a guest blogger—another woman writer, on the road—reporting some kind of trip and what she’s learned.

We can all learn from each other.

Looking forward to the lessons offered via observations, discoveries, and experiences. The good. The bad. The ugly. Adventure is all this, most especially the ugly. 

It’s only roadtrips. With two broads and some special guests.

Join us?

3 Replies to “About this Blog”

    1. Hi, Marc! Thanks for reaching out. You can use the graphic anyway you choose. It’s not original with us. As noted on the blog post, it’s copyright from TWH (The Wealth Zone). However, I believe there are multiple versions from multiple sources so I do not know who/what the absolute original source is of this wonderful Comfort Zone graphic. The quote comes from Dan Stevens (also as noted). Hope you enjoy our posts!

  1. Hi Ellen,
    I have been trying to reach you for 2 years. Hope all is well with you! I certainly hope that life has led you down many successful and happy roads.
    I’d like to repay you for the $75.00 that I borrowed when we got back the deposit money from the apartment on Midland Avenue. If you would, please send me your address. I’m serious! Yes, its been 40+ years. Where did the years go?
    I still see many of our college friends on a regular basis. Hope to catch up with you soon. Hope to her from you soon. Marian (aka Angel) Fato

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