Pandemic Road: Easing Into Spring

As I walked around my neighborhood the other day, I was struck by one of the very first signs of spring, besides enjoying all of the wonderful pollen in the air. There is a certain tree that, when the time and temperature is right it becomes a home for hobbits and fairies. During the warm months the little town grows, includes bridges and water features, and any number of the little magical creatures. Since several of my short stories of late have involved Leprechauns, butterflies, fairies and such, I always find this tree as a small stop along my walk that provides inspiration. Soon, I will put aside all of the short stories and get back to a much longer story that involves many grim reapers, ghosts and things that go bump in the night.

Several days later, I walked around Hermann Park. This is another location where there are many signs of spring renewal. Although there are also a lot of signs telling me what I can or can’t do wherever there is grass. For starters there is a big hill next to Miller Theater where folks can attend musicals and shows while sitting on the hill side. During the day when there isn’t a performance, the hill is just a nice place to sit, relax and enjoy your time in the great outdoors.

I was amazed at all the unauthorized uses of grass on the Miller Theater hill. As a brief example, one may not use glass containers, litter, use a scooter or skateboard, hunting definitely not permitted (there are a rather large number of ducks wandering around the park) and one cannot remove or molest any of the plants. Also, you can never ever improperly park any vehicle. Whew! I did manage to enjoy myself, but I was very careful about all movements. The bottom of every regulatory sign I saw stated in large letters at the “Enjoy the Park”.

Finally, I am making small movements back towards the wonderful fine arts offerings in this city. I am still enjoying the Houston Symphony via a live stream. That is also how I am enjoying some of the plays at the Alley Theater. Last week, I actually ventured out in person to see the latest production at Stages. The play was held in a small theater on a Wednesday evening (smaller crowds than weekend nights) and when I purchased the tickets, I talked to the nice gentleman about getting seats that were socially distanced. I still wore my mask and noticed that about half of the audience members wore them. Even though I am vaccinated and boosted, I still prefer to wear masks anytime I am indoors and wish other folks felt the same. Oh well. The play was great and I recommend it to everyone. I believe this is the last weekend it will be showing.

I am hoping by May or June conditions will continue to improve. There are a couple of movies I want to see and I still have not been back to enjoy the Houston Ballet. All in good time.

Until next time.….

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