Hearts And Traffic Jams

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day.

This is the blog post that I intended to write yesterday when it actually was February 14th. But that was before all heck broke out in Houston.

The Southwest Freeway was shut down because a truck overturned. No one was hurt, but the entire freeway was shut down on a Friday afternoon just around lunch time. Now trucks turn over on a regular basis in this town. However, this one was extra special because the truck was carrying .….…wait for it.…..raw sewage. Yep, you read that right. Raw. Sewage. All over the freeway on a Friday afternoon on Valentine’s Day. I went out to run one little errand and almost couldn’t get back home. All of the traffic from the freeway was spilling out onto the main roads, the side roads and every other type of road.

By the time I got back home, I was running late to get ready for my Valentine’s Day date. We had reservations at the Backstreet Cafe. I wanted to be a proper lady for the occasion so I wanted to take a shower, wear a dress, etc. It takes time for me to look all ladylike. So I put off this blog until today.

And all I really wanted to say was a nice “Happy Valentines Day” to all my friends and blog readers.

Surprisingly, with all of the traffic jams around the area, we actually made it to dinner on time. I wonder how many other dinner reservations had to wait, because folks were stuck in traffic and honking their horns. There was a lot of horn honking yesterday. Egad.

Our dinner at the Backstreet Cafe was wonderful. We really took our time. Service was wonderful and the menu there never disappoints. There were rose petals on the table for that special romantic touch. By the time dinner was over, the freeway was open and traffic was back to normal.

I hope your romantic day was a joy and not stymied by the traffic. Did you do anything special?

And I would like to end this blog by wishing Susan B. Anthony a Happy 200th Birthday! She was an American social reformer and promoter for women’s rights. If you are a woman, please give her a nod of thanks every time you go to vote in an election.

Until next week.….

6 Replies to “Hearts And Traffic Jams”

  1. Raw. Sewage!!! That’s what happened??!! I was caught in it and didn’t know the cause. made up in my head that everyone who didn’t get their honey a valentine something-special was suddenly on the road desperately headed to a store. Any store!

    1. Rosa, I initially thought the same as you since I first encountered the extra traffic in Highland Village along Westheimer where there are a lot of stores. Couldn’t believe what had happened when I finally heard a news report. Yuk! I can only imagine what kind of traffic you hit if you were leaving from Spectrum. I hope your day wasn’t ruined! Ellen

  2. Ellen, glad to hear you had a good dinner and a happy Valentine’s Day, despite the truck “accident”. I’m sure your ladylike look was perfect! Really enjoy reading your blog.

    1. Marian! I am so glad to hear that you are following RoadBroads! I will be contacting you soon by email, because of a book that I am writing. I may need a little input from you. Ellen

      1. Ellen,
        Would love to read your book. If I can do anything to help, you know I’ll be glad to assist. Take care! Marian

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