New Year, New Road

Another year gone. A new year is upon us.

This year I got smart in so many ways. For starters, my Dear Friend and I went to Kiran’s for dinner on New Year’s Eve. Have you ever been there? It has become my most favorite restaurant in all of Houston. Do you like Indian food? This is the best Indian restaurant ever. Anywhere. I mean it! If you have never been there, it is located at 2925 Richmond Avenue. Google it. Call and make reservations. Go. I will wait for you to return to this blog.

The restaurant is named after the chef, Kiran. I have gone there many times for a random dinner. It is my go-to-restaurant for a Thanksgiving buffet. It is now my go-to-restaurant for New Year’s Eve. Everything is always delicious. Everything. Every. Time. Delicious. This is a picture of Kiran greeting diners. She is very easy to talk to and she is the heart and soul of this restaurant. It is not unusual to see her walking among her guests and talking to diners. The menu is very vegetarian friendly while offering plenty of meat to the carnivores. And don’t let me forget to tell you that customer service here is beyond wonderful. And there is an afternoon tea every Friday and Saturday. Don’t even get me started on how wonderful the afternoon teas are. Again, if you haven’t tried it.……go.

Since I have had bariatric surgery, I can only eat small amounts at a time. No problem. The waiter boxed up whatever I couldn’t eat and I took the left overs home. He could not have been more accommodating.

I was at Kiran’s to celebrate celebrate the changing of the year. A lot of stuff happened in 2019. In December of 2018, I went to Galveston, but was unable to go for long walks on the beach which I typically enjoy very much. My knee hurt. Apparently I have arthritis. In early 2019 I had gastric sleeve surgery and spent a year losing a ton of weight. I am now walking 2.5 miles an hour with NO pain.

I lost my beloved cat, Vesta. She was only 19 years old. I still miss her. However, my other cat Hannah (who is a mere 14 years old) is enjoying having me all to herself for the first time in her life.

2019 was also a busy and rewarding year for me as a writer and an artist:

  • I participated in Color Story: 2019
  • I participated in the Midsummer Light Show presented by Women in the Visual and Literary Arts
  • Became a board member and Literary Chair for WIVLA.
  • Sold art works at the annual gala for Children At Risk.

My life as a writer and artist continues. This is what I will focus on for 2020. I hope you manifest all of your dreams this coming year. I am also hoping for World Peace. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Until next week.

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