Traveling Through the Holidays

Ho hum. Halloween is over. No more ghosts, goblins or witches. Now I am sad. Now what do I have to blog about? Maybe I should write about how much I miss Halloween and have already started planning for next year.

What I feel compelled to write about is the fact that I saw and heard the beginnings of Christmas…..before Halloween. Stores began to decorate with lights and music. Santa Claus sat on the shelves just one aisle over from scary skeletons. Has the world gone completely mad? What happened to Thanksgiving? Are we ignoring Thanksgiving this year?

In my sense of order in the universe, Christmas does not show up until after Thanksgiving. I like to take all of the holidays in order. Thanksgiving is coming up next week. Now it is time for Jack-O-Lanterns to turn into pumpkin pies.

I wanted to include pictures in this blog of some nice Thanksgiving decorations. However, I couldn’t find any. Driving around I did see one large inflated turkey wearing a pilgrim hat in front of a nice house, but I did not know the people who lived there. Since this is Texas and I didn’t want to get shot, I decided not to take pictures of a stranger’s house. However, I visited a friend who decorated her house with this dandy pumpkin table runner. Enjoy.

Thanksgiving is a nice enough holiday far as they go. If you like turkey and football you typically aren’t disappointed. However, I am a vegetarian and not especially fond of football.

Let me repeat that.

I am a vegetarian and I am not very fond of football……and I live in Texas. I realize that by publicly posting this I am risking getting an eviction notice giving me 30 days to vacate the Lone Star State. Over the years it has been a bit tricky for a vegetarian in Texas to find just the right traditions befitting the holiday. But thankfully my Dear Friend (DF) has helped provide ideas and guidance.

Before I retired last May, I would attend a departmental Thanksgiving luncheon every year at work. I always volunteered to bring the salad. That’s really the only thing a room full of carnivores will trust a vegetarian to bring to a luncheon. Luckily, since I am not much of a chef, I always found it hard to mess up cooking a salad when all I had to do was open the prewashed and premixed bags of lettuce. Then I would add a handy variety of bottled salad dressings fresh from the grocery store. Please feel free to borrow my special recipe if you would like.

Back to my personal celebrations, it took us several years, but my DF and I finally hit upon a winning combination for our turkey day festivities. We begin by finding a restaurant that has a definite Thanksgiving vibe, but also includes plenty of vegetarian options. I prefer a restaurant without a television; however, one over the bar area for the die hard football fans is acceptable. Our current favorite is Kiran’s. They provide a special wonderful buffet that includes both Indian dishes and a variety of traditional Thanksgiving offerings. When the meal is over, we will go to see a movie. Since we don’t eat turkey, we won’t need to worry about tryptophan making us sleepy. A Star is Born? The Nutcracker and the Four Realms?

Once Thanksgiving is over, then we can discuss additional holiday topics; such as, this insane picture that I captured outside of a local grocery store.

Until next week……

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  1. OMG…they have penguins?! 😆
    Just so you know, you were missed at our company Thanksgiving luncheon, especially as there was no salad! My brother and his wife are vegetarians, so I got very good at making several side dishes that they could enjoy every Thanksgiving. Have a good one!

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