Fall Weather

I traveled to Hermann Park this week. While I was there I saw something that you are never guaranteed to see in Houston.

Fall foliage.

All around the park I could see trees with yellow and orange leaves. They were really pretty. Considering the fact that Houston never does fall the same way two years in a row, I was delighted to see this.

Yes, I know all of my relatives and acquaintances who live in places like Iowa and Colorado are way past fall colors and deep into snow and blizzards. They are the folks who put snow chains on their tires and actually have separate wardrobes for hot weather versus cold weather.

But here in Houston we don’t always get a decent fall season. When we do it is a cause for celebration.

I have even managed to turn off my central air conditioner for extended periods of time. I like my home at about 68 degrees. That means when many here are turning on the heat and lighting fires, I am opening up the windows.

And fall can be a fleeting season. It teases us. One day the air is crisp and cool. Low temperatures in the 40s and the highs in the 60s. Brrrrrrrr!!! The next day the warmth will blow back in and the temperature will jump up to 80 degrees.

There are even some people around town who saw a few snow flakes shortly before Thanksgiving. They bundled up in coats and sweaters one day and the next day they wore shorts and flip flops to go shopping for a Christmas tree.

Of course when I say “a few snowflakes” I really mean like two or three. Total.

We don’t wait for the snow to stick to anything to get excited. That event is too rare. After surviving our typical hot and humid summers, we get our weather jollies anywhere we can.

One lone snowflake can give us the hope that there just might be a just and loving god somewhere in the universe.

This brings me back to the picture I showed you a few weeks ago. Here in Houston, if all else fails, we will pretent that it’s cold for the holidays. Many folks like snowmen and will blow up big plastic ones in their front yards.

Also, please note that in this picture the holiday critters are sitting on top of boxes of firelogs that are specially prepared for enjoying a fire in the fire place. Not exactly the way our rugged pioneer forefathers and foremothers did it. However, it doesn’t get cold enough for people to go out and chop up a cord of wood. So we improvise.

Actually I just noticed recently that one can order a cord of wood from Amazon. How convenient!

Back to the firelogs. Some have told me that they are good, because if you don’t use real wood, then you are helping to save a natural resource. Who knew!

Once the fire is roaring in the fireplace, you can imagine the early pioneers braving all the elements so that now we can drive to the nearest store for firelogs. Pretty strenuous work for a fire that is lit maybe two or three times a year.

Every year people do love their holiday traditions and fires in the fire place. It’s fun to watch and observe.

I personally don’t have a fire place. I have air conditioning for warm weather and open windows for cold weather. When the temperature inside my home drops below 68 degrees, then I turn on the heat. A little. For maybe five minutes.

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather in whatever way makes them happy.

Until next week.……

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