The New Normal?

I was reading weather reports the other day that said for all practical purposes, the 2018 hurricane season is over. YEAH! That means that the fall cold fronts are trying to get into the area. Two have almost made it so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will have cooler temperatures by mid-October.

It’s been over a year since Hurricane Harvey blew through town and dumped 50 inches of rain. If I ever think I can forget about that, then I am reminded every time I go downtown to the Theater District. Last Sunday I went the Alley Theater to see Skeleton Crew.

This was a play about Detroit back during 2008 when so many plants were closing down. It could have been a depressing play, but there was just enough humor and a surprise ending to keep the overall tone light.

As soon as I drove into the Theater District parking garage under Tranquility Park, I see this sign:

Now keep in mind that the parking garage was closed for several months after the storm and it has been opened for another several months while repairs are running along at the pace of a snail with arthritis. Yet, just now we have these signs. This leads me to believe that some source of recovery funding just made it through all the bureaucratic channels.

However, it is all worth the while when I remind myself that I am headed to a nice dinner and some entertainment.

As I said, the garage has been opened for several months looking like a cross between a dark construction zone and a war zone.

Fortunately the Alley Theater, Jones Hall and The Hobby Center are all up and running full steam ahead. Just this week it was announced that the Wortham Center will open this month. So I make my way through the dark and dank garage, while keeping hope alive in my mind that this construction might be completed by January 2019?

When I get up on street level, I see the Lancaster Hotel which has also been closed ever since Harvey.

Last summer, I spent a couple of nights at the Lancaster for a birthday celebration and a Theater Weekend. It was great fun and the Lancaster Hotel remains quite the historical landmark in Houston. It is also scheduled to reopen this month and are already taking reservations.

I have seen several drawings showing how the lobby and restaurant are being redecorated. The pictures look great and I can’t wait to see the finished product. Who knows? Another weekend adventure may beckon before too long.

Besides the play, the best part of the evening was dining at Birraporetti’s Italian Restaurant. Pasta is always my friend…especially when combined with a cold vodka martini. Also, the people who work here understand as well as I do the importance of a significant holiday like Halloween! I felt comfortable and very much at home there.

Coming up this Sunday I am going on a photographic safari at the Houston Zoo. This time, instead of elephants, I will be focusing on Lions and Tigers and Bears.….Oh My!

Until next week.….….……

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