Retreat Ends.…Boo Hoo!

I had my last and final meeting with Max for this year’s writers retreat. Sniff, Sniff. At least we met once again in the beautiful Dushanbe Teahouse.

It was a good meeting. We reviewed much of what had been covered during the retreat classes. We discussed both of my writing projects and the kind of writing structure I would maintain once I return to Houston.

In addition to learning and practicing new writing craft skills, I have the following takeaways from this 10 day adventure:

  • The craft of writing is a life-long endeavor. During this retreat, I read things I wrote several years ago and I can see where I have grown and evolved with craft skills.
  • Community really does enrich a writer’s life. Whether it is attending a retreat, attending a class back in Houston at the Spectrum Center, or just getting together at a coffee shop or in someone’s home, writers can really encourage and help each other.
  • I have learned how to truly live as a writer. My hobby has now been elevated to a passion. The next year is going to be great fun.

After I finished my meeting with Max, I got a table and sat down for a tasty lunch. The entire inside of Dushanbe Teahouse is a work of art. Here is the statue that I had the honor of sitting next to as I ate:

After lunch, I strolled once again down Pearl Street and did a little shopping. Since I had an elephant as one of my writing prompts here at the retreat, I found an onyx one in a local store. That along with two rose quartz hearts completed my purchase. Now I have an elephant totem and pieces of the heart of Boulder to take back with me to Houston.

Tomorrow will be a special day. I get to visit with my niece who lives in Denver. We have not seen each other since she graduated from high school. At this point she has been out of college for several years. I am looking forward to catching up with her.

Good night.

3 Replies to “Retreat Ends.…Boo Hoo!”

  1. Hey Ellen, don’t have your new email or lost it. ANYWAY, while doing the Poor Farm database found out they started housing juveniles there in 1914 — 1915 for specific time periods. This could be interesting if there is more information in the log book. Time to start writing our history.

  2. Enjoyed reading both of you ladies post. Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time at your retreat. Have a safe drive home!

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