When The Road Becomes A Roller Coaster

First the good news!

I had two photographs juried into a gallery show sponsored by Women In The Visual and Literary Arts (WIVLA). Here are the details:

I initially joined WIVLA because I am a writer. However, every so often I dabble in the visual arts. Photography is one of my many creative loves and the topic of “Midsummer Light” intrigued me. I hope you can come by on Thursday, June 13th for the opening reception. If not, go downtown to have lunch at Treebeards (located in the Christ Church Cathedral) and stroll through the Cloister Gallery.

During the same time that I experienced the good fortune of having my pictures juried into a show, I did not have such good luck with my writing. I had one personal essay and one short story rejected for publication. Sigh. I was bummed. Of course anyone who is a writer knows that you have to get at least one hundred rejections when you are starting out. So far I have experienced about four rejections to one acceptance for publication. Again…sigh. Throw in the technical computer problems I experienced last week and life can be very frustrating for a creative type. The roller coaster goes up and the roller coaster goes down.

What do I do when rejected? Although my first reaction involves burying my head, eating green worms, etc., I don’t. I try to remember that JK Rowling received 12 rejections for her first Harry Potter book. Steven King received 30 rejection letters for Carrie. It happens to the best of us and is a part of the process.

Also I remember that I write because I love to write. I take pictures because I love seeing a slice of life and translating it through a camera lens. It’s great when art work is accepted and writing is published. However, I have to admit that I would do these things anyway.

It’s just really nice from time to time to receive some recognition for doing something I love.

So I keep going. This past weekend I attended Writefest here in Houston that was hosted by WriteSpace. Not only did I attend some interesting panel talks, but I also had the opportunity to pitch a book idea to some agents and editors. I made exactly two pitches and both resulted in me being asked to submit sample chapters. And the roller coaster takes off once again!

One of the panel discussions that I listened to revolved around the idea of being a “Southern Writer”. Is that what I am? I am from the South, I live in the South and much of my writing revolves around living either in Memphis, Tennessee or Houston, Texas. I had never defined myself as a “Southern Writer” before. Yet, I guess I am. Based on the discussion I heard I am still processing exactly what that means for me and my work.

I hope to see you on Thursday, June 13th, for Midsummer Light.

Otherwise, until next week.….