Pandemic Road: Finally Some Good Stuff

Boo!Finally! Some good news to report! Amazing how in the middle of a global pandemic, it just doesn’t take too much to excite me. My First Sighting of Halloween Decorations in local stores! Yes, I may have found these at PetSmart. That doesn’t matter. The point is that local retailers are selling Halloween decorations! Usually these gems show up for me at either the annual Halloween Store or Home Depot or Target. Typically this happens sometime in September. However, I don’t mind this occurring early this year. Everything else is different because of Covid. Why not Halloween?

I have seen some posts on Face Book about Halloween being cancelled this year. Has everyone lost their collective minds? No, don’t answer that question, because I am honestly beginning to believe that is a side effect of this virus. You don’t have to actually catch this disease. You can lose your mind just by hearing about it day in and day out while self isolating and worrying about friends and loved ones.

Of course we are celebrating Halloween this year! It’s more important and essential than ever! Since March we have all had to face our fears about life, death, and the uncertainty of our individual universes. Haunted decorations of viruses chasing us wily nily around our homes or neighborhoods should be a shoo in. What a great opportunity to find humor in our human condition. Most costumes involve masks anyway. Relieve stress through humor.

By all means, continue to wear your masks, wash your hands and socially distance. Do everything you need to do to stay safe and healthy. But take the time to relax. Self care. Halloween mindfulness. I personally am coming up with some creative ways to decorate my balcony. My neighbors can enjoy the decorations while continuing to social distance. I will certainly enjoy the decorations.

The Road To Relaxation

I heard some news reporter on television talk about how the July 4th weekend was turning into a big sales day. Not quite as big as Black Friday, but it could get there in a couple of years. Do we really need another shopping day extravaganza? Do we need to start our holiday shopping in July?

Not me. Nor did I go out to sit in the sun to attend an all‐day concert. What did I do? I rested and relaxed.

Yesterday I went to see Men In Black: International. It’s a good movie. I wasn’t sure how I would like all the new characters, but it worked for me. I laughed and was quite entertained. Afterwards my friend and I went out to dinner. A good day.

Today I went to my new favorite spot in Houston. The Greenhouse Day Spa. This is a new spa, but the people who work there are great. I started getting massages and facials years ago when I had stressful jobs. Now I continue the habit just because it is a good thing to do. And it’s relaxing. And I enjoy it. You get the picture. Also it is a great way to relax when it is in the middle of summer and the temperature outside feels like 110 degrees (literally, I’m not making that up).

At Greenhouse Day Spa you start out in this cool reception room where the atmosphere alone helps you to begin the relaxation process. A few minutes in that space and I am ready to completely relax. Annie, who is both an esthetician and massage therapist, is wonderful to have working on my aging face and creaky old joints.

Self‐care is important for all of us. When was the last time you had a massage? Since mine was today, I am so relaxed that I am thinking of going to bed early and getting a good night’s rest.

Until next week.….