On The Road To A Gala

Yes, it’s the season. The season for parties and galas and celebrations and such. Of course it is a way to come together and congratulate each other for all of the hard work everyone has done during the past year.

It’s also a way to raise money for various organizations. Having spent many years in the Social Work profession, I knew there were always long lists of non‐profit agencies that do good work. This time of year they need our help.

That’s why I was honored when Sasha Dela asked me if I would consider donate a piece of collage art work for the Children at Risk 30th Annual Gala. I know Sasha because she is a local artist and teaches collage among other classes at the Art League of Houston. I learned much from her class and was happy to donate two of my collage artworks for the gala.

If you haven’t heard of Children at Risk, it is a research and advocacy nonprofit that works for improving the quality of life for Texas’ children.

Here are some of the art works that were up for bids at the Gala. The first picture is one by Sasha Dela:

The bottom picture shows one of the collage pieces that I contributed.

Everyone was bidding and raising lots of money for the good work done by this agency. I didn’t stay until the end, so I don’t know exactly how much money was raised. However, a good time was had by all.

If you would like to donate money, get involved, or just learn more about Children at Risk, you can go to their website at childrenatrisk.org.

Happy Holidays!

Until next week.….

Women Artists On The Road Together!

On Wednesday of this week, I finished an 8‐week collage course at the Art League Houston. It was taught, lead and inspired by Sasha Dela. Here is my final 3‐D art piece which of course shows Halloween art, because I love Halloween! As much as I love it, it pales in comparison to the works of my classmates. We were a class full of women all interested in expanding our artistic knowledge and experience. They were all wonderful and I learned so much from every one of them. So, in honor to my wonderful classmates and artists, here is the work they showed on the last day of class. All of the pictures were taken by me. They were sometimes taken at weird angles during our class critique. Please forgive my photography and I hope you enjoy the art as much as I have.

What a great group of artists! What a great group of women! I was so fortunate to spend my summer with them.

Until next week.….

A Road Filled With Collage and Mixed Media

It seems as though any time I find myself on a writing spree, leaving procrastination and writing blocks in the rear view mirror, I also find myself engaging in other creative pursuits as well. Once the creative juices start flowing, they flow in all directions.

This summer I am taking an art class at the Art League of Houston on Collage and Mixed Media. What fun! It is taught by Sasha Dela, who is very good at simultaneously giving us direction and letting us have artistic freedom both at the same time. For three hours every week I can go into the classroom and create to my heart’s content.

One week we focused on color and another week we focused on composition. At some point I will attempt a 3‐D collage. Sasha encourages us to bring in whatever materials we would like to work with. So far I have found old photos in my home, I have shopped 2nd hand stores and Half Priced Books, among other places, to find interesting pictures and articles for my artistic creations. Every week I try to get a bit more creative and experimental with what I make. It is a very comfortable space for experimenting.

Here is a collage showing people who I do not know and am not related to. I just thought they looked interesting. Don’t you? The lotus came from a picture I took while vacationing at a spa in Austin, Texas. I used to visit that spa at least once a year, but then they were bought out by a large hotel chain and I haven’t been back. But I still like looking at this lotus and remembering the peaceful and wonderful times I had. The material came from scraps of paper I had and then I inserted brads on three different levels. Three different pictures, three different pieces of paper and three levels of brads. I think I was working on the rule of thirds that you hear so much about in art classes.

My favorite collage of the week involves a wall from the very same Austin spa. The wall surrounded a delightful and peaceful meditation area where I have spent many hours in mindfulness. This collage involves nine different pictures of the wall (did I mention that I liked this meditation area?). They are pieced together and overlapped hopefully in an artistic manner that leads the observer to introspection and thought. Are you thinking and introspecting?

And finally, when I am not writing or experimenting with collage, I am playing with Alcohol Inks. I don’t really strive towards an absolute realist picture with these inks, but I love the different color combinations. Again, what great fun!

And just recently I have been introduced to Brusho! Stand by for future experiments with this material.

But enough of all of this artistic expression. I have two writing workshops this weekend with Max Regan at the Spectrum Center. And, oh yes, I am in the middle of writing a book. I better get going!

Until next week.….