Pandemic Road: The Good, Bad, and Everything in Between

RoadBroads is Back! I took a brief hiatus to take care of some administrative details for this blog, but you no longer need to despair. I am back and ready to go again on this crazy pandemic road.

How about some good news.……I won First Place in the Authorology Anthology Contest!!! The anthology is called Journey Into The Fantastical. My short story is called Willow and the Cat. You can find it on Amazon and order either a print copy or eBook…or both. Many thanks to both Authorology and Inklings Publishing for making this contest happen. I get a medal and everything. Well, I don’t exactly have the medal yet. In these pandemic days those things are delivered in the mail. I must be patient. I will post a picture here as soon as it arrives! Also, let me know what you think of the story. Willow is a favorite character of mine. I hope to publish more stories about her many escapades as a Grim Reaper!

I have to admit that when we started with all of the shutting down a year ago, I was totally bummed. I was scheduled for an art opening where I had a piece of collage art scheduled for exhibit. Also, I wrote an essay that was scheduled for a museum exhibit opening. Everything went virtual which was nice, but I was disappointed just the same. It is really nice to have a good reason to celebrate even if the launch party took place on zoom.

So, you may wonder, other than getting stories out into the public, how is life on the Pandemic Road going? As good as it can. I am fully vaccinated and had very few side effects. I am still not going out to restaurants or movie theaters, but I have new ways of making life work while I wait on herd immunity. Case in point? Porch Cuts. Or in my case it is actually a “garage cut”. I have been a client of Carol Cooley for years when the pandemic happened and I could no longer go to see her in a trendy Montrose salon. Now she has rearranged her business so that she can take her skills to her clients. Hair is done outside either on a porch or in a garage with lots of ventilation. Everyone wears masks and stays safe. Doesn’t this look like fun? It is. My hairstyle has changed over the past year. I no longer have bangs. Many thanks to Carol for keeping my tresses trimmed and healthy!

Finally I have one sad note. The River Oaks Theatre is now closed. I won’t get into the whys or the reasons. Suffice it to say that I consider this to be an abomination. This movie theatre has been around since the 1930s. I have been going to movies there since I moved to this fair city in 1978. You may remember me posting blogs about going to the movies in the afternoon after I retired from my government job. Many happy hours were spent there. I am greatly saddened by this loss to Houston culture. I can only imagine that in the near future I will be buying the book that will tell the history of this wonderful art deco establishment with many pictures to remind me of the good times I had there.

My but it does feel good to blog again! Please join me as I travel down the next road.

Until later.….