Classical Road Trip

I have always enjoyed a wide variety of music.

In my early childhood mother would send me off to dancing school where I would learn tap and jazz steps to any number of Broadway songs.

Then in my teens I terrorized mother with albums by such groups as Led Zepplin and singers like Alice Cooper. She was much less terrorized with musicians like Donovan and Melanie. Also, since I was living in Memphis, I would listen to Furry Lewis sing the blues at a local watering hole on a Saturday night. If you don’t know who any of these musicians are.…..don’t tell me. I will feel old. Just Google and try to keep up.

By the time I hit my early adult years, I added classical music to my growing repertoire. Mozart is my favorite composer. Bach and Strauss are high on my list as well. Evelyn Glennie is a Scottish virtuoso percussionist I have seen perform and I now adore her music.

Here is the problem. If you are like me and you remember when groups like the Beatles and the Stones made their debut performances in the USA, collecting music to enjoy at home can be a bit tricky. Over the years I have followed my favorite musicians through the days of LPs and 45s, 8 Track tapes, cassette tapes, and CDs. Now I am learning to download. I prefer CDs.

Even though I live in a large metropolitan area like Houston, there are very few places where I can go to find a good variety of classical music CDs. That’s why this week my Dear Friend (DF) and I traveled to Old Town Spring to visit Classical Music of Spring. The people who work in this store know everything there is to know about the classical music genre and then some. If they don’t have what you are looking for in the shop, then they will order it for you.

Not only do they sell CD’s, but they also sell LPs for the retro crowd. I picked up a CD called Home Stretch by composer and pianist, Timo Andres. I especially like his work called, Paraphrase on Themes of Brian Eno. DF walked out with an armful of both CDs and LPs.

Now to understand the significance of this road trip, I will remind you that I drove to Old Town Spring. I live inside the Loop. This was far outside the loop. Even taking the toll road, it took 35 minutes to get there. Since retiring from my traditional day job, I very seldom drive outside the loop. I am a city gal. I am glad to report that Classical Music of Spring is worth the time and the distance.

Of course I still like to listen to the oldies from groups like Chicago and Pink Floyd. And I have added CDs by Imagine Dragons and Beck to my current collection.

Yet, it is still nice to relax to some wonderful classical music whether it is attending the symphony or listening to recordings in the comfort of my home. As in many aspects of life, it helps to know where and how to find what I’m looking for and I always enjoy the road trip.

Until next week.….