Oh No, I’m Late!

Well folks, it’s been a busy few weeks over here and unfortunately, I got my dates mixed up and did not manage to get my post written and up on time. Oops!

But, I do have a lot of fun updates!

Someone get me one of these bad boys. Really climbing the ladder of success all the way to the top over here.

First and foremost, after [redacted] months of searching, I have finally landed myself a job. It’s a long term temp position, but I’m finally starting to feel like I’m back in the swing of things, and it feels great. Admin work isn’t the most interesting, but I’m putting on pants every day again and leaving the house to go do something I’m really good at, and that counts more than anything.

It feels really nice to have my brain up and working again, and getting to interact with other people. I’ve been doing my editing work all this time, but it’s definitely not a social job, so I’ve been missing human connection.

Wow. Someone tell antisocial 11-year-old Rachel I just said that. She would be horrified.

Speaking of things I’ve been up to that my antisocial preteen self would have hated, I also went to my first concert in almost eight years!

My best friend and I saw Jukebox the Ghost perform at the Karbach Brewing Co. Love Street Music Fest, and it was such an amazing time. I haven’t 

Me and my best friend!! He’s known me since we were 8, he could tell you all about what a little grouch I was. And he WOULD tell you. With great joy.

been to a lot of concerts to compare it to, but they were really fantastic. 

It’s so funny. When I was growing up, there was nothing more I hated than loud

noises, big crowds, being outside in the heat, and standing up for a long time. This was, of course, all of those things at once, and I had a BLAST.

I really couldn’t say when I changed and started to get over those things, but it’s crazy how different I am from the person I was growing up.

Only in the best ways of course.

I still value the same important things, and I love the same hobbies. I’m still kind and caring and funny and smart. I’m just so much less complainy and grumpy about things. Maybe it’s just me growing up and maturing, but it’s such a relief to be able to have FUN now. I’m able to have so much fun and do so many fun things that I never would have opted into as a kid.

I’m still complainy and grumpy of course. But, like, a LOT less.

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