Farewell to a Year and a Blog

Happy New Year!” means more than words.

Especially this year.

Oops, that’s last year now.

2020 made an impression, didn’t it?

It spoke to me of making change. Big Ones. As in completing my debut novel and overhauling my website.

Wait a minute!

I cannot finish a 100,000-word manuscript, maintain an author website, AND blog as both a writer and a RoadBroad.

SuperWoman, I’m not.

Thus, I pen my final post on a site that’s taught me so much. Since May 23, 2018, I’ve blogged 116 times and taken 348 photos. At an average 500 words per post, that’s 58,000+ blog words written in two years and seven months.

Capturing impressions of Strawberry Fields in NYC’s Central Park.

In author-speak: that’s halfway to a novel! 

My point.

It’s time for me to complete my life purpose: writing stories that help people heal.

First comes the novel, Christmas Card. Its tagline? The Group goes On the Road and meets Rain Man. Many other stories will follow.

As I enter Emeritus status with RoadBroads, Ellen will lead with new energy which is invigorating for any creative venture. She’s faithful to the blog and an entertaining writer. Excitement awaits!

Thank you, all, for your devoted reading of my writing here. Your support offered candles through days both dark and light. I am beyond grateful.

I hope you’ll maintain your support of RoadBroads, and join me later in January at www.melanieormand.com.

6 Replies to “Farewell to a Year and a Blog”

  1. You have had a good run! I will miss your posts, but certainly understand. All the best for the new year.
    Much love,

  2. What a great run you have had, Melanie. Thank you for all your posts and insights. And Congratulations on your 2021 commitment! Looking forward to your debut novel, knowing it will be wonderful and well worth the wait!

    1. Ah, you are so kind, Dorothy! Thank you for your steady support of the blog plus all the hours listening to my novel scenes! xoxo

  3. Thank you, Melanie, for all that you have given us through your posts on this blog. 

    I applaud your decision to move more strongly toward your novel writing. I have had the pleasure and privilege to follow the development of your stories and your characters and am SO excited to anticipate reading more of your work!!

    With love and gratitude ~ Rosa

    1. Thank you, Rosa, for the reading and the commenting through this part of the journey! You offer such a savvy, wise voice for a writer to hear, be it blog posts or a novel scene. Thank you! xoxo

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