Hitting the Ground With the Written Word

My first blog for 2023. I would say “Happy New Year”, but that phrase is getting a bit tired now. Many folks are already looking forward to the Super Bowl, the Rodeo and Valentines Day. I am working a bit slower, because I feel like I am still getting my year started. Even though it feels slow, already the calendar is full and some days have more entries that there are lines to write everything down.

I am always trying to make time for some reading. There are currently three books on my to be read right now stack. The book, A Salem Witch, was a gift from my niece, Becca. She actually traveled to Salem, Massachusetts this year. (No, I’m not jealous at all!) This book is about Rebecca Nurse who was actually tried, convicted and killed as a witch. It’s really interesting, because it gives the back story on the town of Salem, Salem Village, Rebecca Nurse herself, and her neighbors.

The second book, Wayward Girls, is written by Claire Matturro and Penny Koepsel. I don’t know Claire, but did meet Penny while organizing Haunted Holidays reading last year. The story here is good, because it follows some girls that went to the same boarding school and the myriad of ways their adult lives are affected.

A River Enchanted by Rebecca Ross is the third book. This one is also from niece Becca. I haven’t had time to start on this one yet; however, I think it is about witches, elemental spirits and the like. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted.

Moving from reading to writing, I have already finished the first of two Writing Projects Weekends and the second one begins this Friday. These weekends are led by the one and only Max Regan. Since we meet via zoom, we have folks from all over the country. So many writers, so little time. Also, so much to write and so little time. After writing so many short stories last year, I am back to working on the Great American Novel. Well, maybe not Great, but a novel is what it aspires to be. It’s all about a Grim Reaper, a team of ghosts, a monster, a few humans and an Art Deco resident theater.

Also, I am once again Literary Chair for the Women in the Visual and Literary Arts. We have lots planned for this year and for the first time we will have a writing competition. Thank goodness, Fern Brady can help with that. There’s also a poetry reading coming up in April called Poetry by the Bay, in honor of National Poetry Month. I hope, I hope, I hope I can coordinate another Haunted Holidays reading. Then there is always the month of November where the members of WiVLA get together during the monthly meeting and read a wide selection of essays and poems.

I have much to do and am worn out just thinking about it. So, I thought about ending this blog with a picture of Hannah, my cat. Unfortunately I woke her up from a nap. Doesn’t the look on her face seem to tell me to go away and while I’m at it, turn out the light? Now she is napping once more and I have finished this blog.

Until next time.…..