New Roads

One of the best parts about living in a city as big as Houston is that there is always something new to do and see. Recently I have had two new experiences. One involves live theater and the other involves a new restaurant.

Stages celebrated the opening of their new home, The Gordy, at 800 Rosine. I have been a fan of stages for years and always enjoyed their productions. Now, they have a bigger building with three stages, prop shop, costume shop, scene shop, classrooms and lots of extra space. Before entering this new theater, I wondered how they would be able to expand while maintaining the up-close and personal feeling of the previous location. Well, they did it. Each stage has seating surrounding the performance area on all sides. I doubt if there is a bad seat to be had anywhere. I can’t wait to see some of the upcoming productions that are planned for the rest of the cultural season.

During the open house I walked through all of the different departments. The costume shop had many examples of their various costumes. However, it was in the prop shop that I found this large cat head on top of a microwave. I didn’t ask what happened or where the rest of the cat was hiding.

One of the best parts of the tour was watching actor, Denise Fennell, in character as “Sister”. I have seen several of the Sister Catechism shows. Fennell is hysterical in these productions and very interactive with her audience. Her quick wit and good humored banter followed her wherever she went throughout the open house. I am looking forward to her next show at Stages.

My next adventure involved my Dear Friend and I going to a new restaurant. We like finding the small intimate places that provide great options in food. Literally, this new spot had been open for about two days when we arrived. The place is called Alma and is located on Drexel Street in Highland Village. As a vegetarian/sometimes pescatarian, I always check out the menu before going to a new restaurant for the first time. While they have plenty of options for the carnivores, they also have many options for picky vegetarian. There were several variations of salads, side dishes and grilled salmon. The staff were very helpful answering all of our questions about ingredients and options. We had a wonderful meal and will definitely go back again.

Can’t wait to see what other new adventures await me.

Until next week.….

Strange Week On The Road

What a strange week this has been! So much news about hurricanes which is typical this time of year. However, Dorian really is one for the record books. I am sure we will be hearing about the death and devastation for some time now.

Here in Houston I hear people say that they are thankful the hurricane did not come to us. It is so odd to hear (and feel) grateful at another’s misfortune. Yet, it is a sentiment with some wisdom behind it. Sooner or later Houston will endure another hurricane. Too many people are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Every year I have the same wish, “Not this year. Please not this year.” So far, so good.

With all of this going on, I have been engaging in a bit of escapism. To begin with I went to the Stages Theatre and saw, Sister’s Back to School Catechism: The Holy Ghost and Other Terrifying Tales. There is a whole series of “Sister Catechism” plays. At Stages they all star Denise Fennell as Sister and they are all hilarious. This one was especially good, because it dealt with Halloween. Now, I am not Catholic. I was raised Lutheran and converted to Judaism. Still, the humor in these plays really crosses all boundaries. Fennell is masterful at working with a lot of audience participation. This is playing until October 13th. I highly recommend you go.

I also went to see the movie, Where’d You Go, Bernadette? It was so good I had to go out and read the book. Cate Blanchett stars in the movie. Maria Semple wrote the book. Both women are geniuses. Both the book and the movie are funny and interesting. The main question I have to ask myself is, “Am I a menace to society or do I just need more outlets for creativity?” I think this is a good question any aspiring writer or artist should ask. What do you think? What would happen to you if life handed you both success and failure at the same time?

I have also been reading another book about the life and times of artist, Georgia O’Keefe. It is called, How Georgia Became O’Keefe by Karen Karbo. This book chronicles the life of O’Keefe starting during the time she lived in West Texas as an art teacher. Even in her early days, this woman was determined to live life on her own terms. She did this and continued to do so until she died. I have read many books about O’Keefe, but this one really does take a unique approach to such a fascinating person. I will always be inspired by this artist.

Well, that’s been my week. Later this afternoon, I am going to my new favorite spa, GreenHouse Day Spa for a massage. Books, movies, theater and massage. Sometimes a little escapism is good for the soul.

Until next week.….