Six Years and Still Going Strong!

Happy Birthday to RoadBroads! It was just six years ago when another writer and I had the crazy idea to drive all the way to Boulder, Colorado. It’s only an 18-hour drive. Easy! Once we arrived at Boulder we attended an annual Writing Retreat that was taught by Max Regan. He actually led two different retreats for 10 days each during the month of June. I had heard about these retreats for years, but this was the first time for me to attend one.

I had never been to Boulder before. Pearl Street Mall was great fun. On the weekend there were any number of street performers when you weren’t browsing at the local shops. This is a picture of the Boulder Bookstore where all of our writing classes were held. I felt like I had finally made it into the “in” crowd. In addition to the classes, there were salons where each of us had to read samples of our writing. Out loud. In front of everybody! I survived that and both gave and received good feedback.

After 10 days, we returned home. The second June retreat began without us. Some folks who lived in or near Boulder attended both sessions. I had a blast and was already deciding to go back the following year. What I couldn’t figure out was how I could go to Boulder for both June retreats and how could I afford to stay in Boulder for the entire month?

Unfortunately, the question was answered for me when the Pandemic struck in 2020. The June Writing Retreats continued, but not in person. Ever since 2020 I have attended this retreat via Zoom. The good news is that without travel and lodging costs, I have been able to attend both 10-day sessions. Instead of seeing the sights in Colorado, I get to see my desk and look out my own window for my everyday view. My work desk is not nearly as exciting to look at as the Flatiron Mountains, but I keep writing.

I have also stuck with this blog which I find great joy in writing. It’s even more fun now that Fern Brady and Rachel Connelly have joined me in this endeavor. We each have different styles of writing, but what we do together is document the writer’s life and the road we take to continue to enhance our creativity.

Actually since I have been writing a blog for six years and attending writing retreats and workshops for the past six years, you might think that I had completed something. I have many short stories that have either been published or read aloud at local events. But the Great American Novel continues to elude me. Maybe by June 2024? Stay tuned.

Until next time.….

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  1. The other writer says What A Journey! And the Great American Novel will come. Just keep writing and road-tripping!🧡

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