Fairy Doors and Halloween Lifestyles

I have heard that there are some people who think that I go a little over the top when it comes to Halloween. However, I can assure you that I do not. It is not possible. I have spent years cultivating Halloween Culture that is good 365 days a year. Yes, I have decorations up all year. There is my large collection of witches, skeletons, and grim reapers. Of course if I am going to have a large selection of skeletons, then they must have a wardrobe that can adjust to the various holidays and weather conditions. As you can see in this picture, sometimes the skeletons just like to relax and chill out indoors. The witches have their own hutch and an ample supply of books and grimoires. They don’t go out much preferring to spend their time developing spells and potions.

Yet, every so often, I cross paths with another creative person who gives me exciting ideas for taking my Halloween lore to another level. Have you ever heard of Urban Fairy Doors? While attending the monthly WiVLA (Women in the Visual and Literary Arts) meeting this week, I heard a fascinating presentation by Elissa Davis. Apparently there are fairies that set up shop around the city. Sometimes they are accessible from a public street and sometimes they are located inside businesses. This door was made by Elissa and remains in the neighborhood where she lives. The fairy who lives here is seldom seen, but does communicate with folks by exchanging notes and trinkets.

There are even Facebook pages devoted to these Urban Fairy Doors. It is not unusual to find pennies on the door steps left for the magical inhabitants. In case you are wondering about size, this door is 1/12th the size of your average front door.

Elissa discussed how she was developing ideas for helping the fairy decorate for various holidays. That’s when my mind started clicking and whirring. How many different ways can one decorate an Urban Fairy Door for Halloween? I have started my list and just have to make a door for my own magical fairy so I can add little skeletons, witches and pumpkins. I have a solid project for this coming October. I will compare and review notes with Elissa since she is the local expert on this subject.

After reviewing several pictures on this topic, I realized that I had walked past an Urban Fairy Village right in my own neighborhood. Every time I strolled past, I was fascinated at how the different aspects of the Village would change. Sometimes little creatures were added and sometimes another door appeared.

The possibilities of developing Fairy Doors in conjunction with my overall dedication to everything Halloween is going to keep me busy for a while. And I don’t need to worry about finding Elissa when I need her advice. She can always be found running the library inside the Jung Center. I can only imagine what Jung himself would say about Fairy Doors, Villages and such.

Thanks Elissa!

Until next time.….

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