Some of My Holiday Traditions for 2022

Happy Holidays one and all! My skeleton friends wanted to get in on some Holiday action, so you can see what they look like when they start getting festive! I, personally, stopped celebrating the actual holiday of Christmas years ago, but my friends here never want to pass up an opportunity to say “Hello” to all of you nice blog readers. Actually, I used to have an annual tradition in December. Once all of the office parties were completed, I took vacation for the rest of the year. I would always go to my favorite Austin Resort where children were not permitted, there were wonderful walking trails and a spectacular spa complete with a hot tub. I did that for at least 10 or 12 years. Unfortunately, the spa I used to go to does not exist anymore. Some hotel chain bought it up, added more rooms, a second pool, and cut down a lot of trees. It became a part of the luxury division for this particular chain. Oh, and with all of the so called updates, the prices went up significantly as well.

The good news is that ever since I retired, I am not as stressed out by the time December rolls around and I don’t need to look for a sanity-saving escape. Also, with the pandemic, I stopped traveling at all and have not picked up any wanderlust to get me back on the road.

So now on Christmas Day, it’s a full Holiday take out meal from Govinda’s that Jim and I enjoy outside if possible. Since this is Houston, we can eat outside as much as we want as long as it’s not July or August

I have another end of the year tradition in the form of getting my eyes checked and every two years I treat myself to a new pair of glasses. Actually I have three pairs of glasses which include everyday glasses, computer glasses and sunglasses. Sometimes it makes me feel old having so many pairs, but then again, I didn’t use to spend hours a day on the computer. I even use the computer for medical appointments now. Unless you plan on taking my blood, there really is no reason to see you face-to-face. With the pandemic still going strong all around the country, I prefer these techno doctor visits.

You can see in the above picture that I am enjoying my new glasses for everyday wear. I think they make a bold statement, don’t you? I think you can tell that I now spend a lot of time interacting with many writers and artists and I am trying to look like a trendy creative. Have I succeeded?

I hope everyone enjoys their Holidays in whatever way you choose to honor them. It is so cool that we have the overlap this year of Winter Solstice, Hanukkah and Christmas. So many celebrations to choose from, so little time. Maybe I’ll just take a nap instead.

Happy Holidays!

Until next time.….

2 Replies to “Some of My Holiday Traditions for 2022”

  1. Live the glasses! And, you are totally looking better than ever, so keep doing what you’re doing, my dear friend!

  2. Thanks for the compliment. This is what writing and walking will do for you. I still want to get back to water exercise and a good hot tub (they have one at the downtown Y), but I am waiting to see how flu and covid spikes after the holidays. Take care of yourself and remain as wonderful as you are! Ellen

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