On Joining RoadBroads

I am so excited to hop into this new venture along side my amazing friend and colleague, Ellen Seaton, and to take up where the talented Melanie Ormand left off. Big shoes to fill there!

In a way, I was born a RoadBroad. At first, my travels were purely in my imagination. An avid reader, I have enjoyed journeys into magical worlds, other times in history, and all manner of mystery adventures. Soon enough, I was creating my own through crazy stories written in eclectically collage covered journals.

As soon as I had a sensible job, cause we all know writing professionally doesn’t pay the bills, I took off on real voyages. I made the terrible mistake of going to Paris, France first. That city captured my heart and, now, I feel compelled to make a pit stop there on my way to where ever else I am heading,.. when I’m in Europe that is. Something about that city draws the creative energy in me. I can feel, when I’m there, why it has inspired so many authors and artists across the centuries. There’s just something magical in the air… Ah, Paris!

Road trips are the best. Heading out on an open road in your car, a coffee mug and assorted snacks by your side, appeals to me like a moth to a flame. So many places to visit and explore just waiting out there. Sometimes, you need to hop on a plane first, then hit the road… cause you know cars don’t do well in water.

Of course, the pandemic has curved all that, but not forever and hopefully not for too much longer. Still, the journey of a RoadBroad isn’t just one of physical travel. It’s the heart of exploration of new and exciting things. New seasons in our lives; new business ventures; and, of course, adventures on the written page — my own and that of other amazing authors .

I hope to share with you the adventures that are waiting for me both physical and spiritual as I journey through life’s roadways. Here, with my dear friend Ellen, we will explore together what it means to live a RoadBroad kinda life.

Thank you, Ellen, for inviting me to journey with you here. I’m excited and humbled to be a part of the RoadBroads team.

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  1. Go Fern! Congrats! Great Post! Like you, any time I think of traveling I immediately think of Paris! If I’m going to spend all the money that’s where I’m going to go!

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