Pandemic Road: I Just Finished A Marathon!

Please congratulate me. I just finished my first marathon! It only took approximately 28 days. Yes, I am exhausted. Today I am relaxing. I went for a walk, did some grocery shopping and am catching up on my beloved RoadBroads blog.

What? Did you think I “ran” in a marathon? Nope. If your mind went in that direction then you don’t really know me that well, do you?

I just completed one of Max Regan’s Writing Intensive Marathons. That means that for the month of June I attended two separate writing intensives. Unfortunately, as I stated in an earlier blog, this was all done via zoom. Since I attended two intensives in a row, I was considered one of the “Marathoners”. There were about 8 of us zooming in from all parts of the country and we heard a guest author speak to us from Australia. At some point I hopefully will return to Boulder, Colorado to attend up close and personal. However, I had a blast doing this and got a lot of good writing done.

I received a lot of help from my cat, Hannah. She has turned into a zoom queen as she would walk back and forth in front of the computer. When she wasn’t doing her “cat walk” she spent a good deal of time enjoying having the couch all to herself. I left out an assortment of warm and comfy blankets and she made herself comfortable. I actually think she found it a bit inconvenient when I would try to sit on the couch with her in the evenings so I could catch up on the daily news.

Of course there was that one pesky day when both Hannah and I were disrupted by some noisy tree trimmers outside my office window. Instead of receiving her usual accolades from the other zoomers, she was busy protecting her home. As you can see Hannah tried starring down the pesky hard working trimmers. She didn’t keep them from trimming branches, but they didn’t dawdle once they were done either. Hannah kept both me and herself safe from any falling branches. What a good watch cat.…especially while she was safe inside my home. Meanwhile, I am enjoying lots more sunlight coming through the windows even if I did lose a bit of shade during these hot summer months.

Now that the marathon is over, Hannah has taken up residence in my desk chair. This spot was ground zero for my marathon sessions. Apparently Hannah wanted me to take the day off from writing and zooming today. Well, except for this blog post. Since I am showing three pictures of her, she has given this bit of writing her “paw” of approval.

Until next time.….

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