Pandemic Road: Neighbors

Walking is my exercise of choice these days. I travel anywhere from 3 miles to 5 miles at a time. There is one nice neighborhood where I like to visit because there are a lot of short blocks where I can zig zag around and avoid things like leaf blowers and large barking dogs. Then the other day I came upon this little bear sitting along the side of the road propped up against a light pole. I couldn’t resist taking his picture and wondering how he got there. If he is lost, why hasn’t anyone come to look for him?

Or maybe he is there on purpose. If that is the case maybe I have to write a short story about him. I could call it The Road of Abandoned Bears. Or maybe this little critter is the neighborhood lookout. He could be watching everyone that comes and goes. Then the story could be called The Bear Who Saw What You Did Last Summer. Maybe a murder mystery? A SciFi tale where the bear is actually an alien spying on humans and reporting back to his home planet. The possibilities are endless.

Of course there are other critters that grace my walks. There seems to be a colony of fairies and gnomes. They all stand very still while I am watching them. I wonder what they do when no one is looking. At night, do they visit the teddy bear and compare notes on the goofy humans that live and walk around them? I hope so. That way I don’t have to worry about Mr. Bear getting lonely.….or making too many reports to his home planet.

Maybe I should try talking with the bear, the fairies and the gnomes. I wonder if the neighbors would notice? What would they think? Who else stops to share a bit of gossip with these critters? Maybe they have parties and I might like to be invited? Suffice it to say, I have not gotten out much during this pandemic.

Last, but not least, a couple of weeks ago I shared that I had won first place in the Authorology Anthology Contest. My medal finally arrived in the mail. Ain’t it pretty? You can check out the anthology, Journey Into the Fantastical via Amazon.

Have a safe, happy and healthy week!

Until next time.….

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