Traveling Down the Medical Road

Unfortunately I do not have any pictures that pertain to this blog post. However, for your viewing pleasure, I will include a few pictures of my cats. Enjoy!

Friday morning my dear friend (DF) was driving me to a medical procedure. It was nothing major.….just an endoscopy.….just having a camera stuck down my throat.…..what could be more fun? I had this procedure once before and woke up in the middle of it. That was no fun at all. So, I was nervous. Since I was nervous, I did not sleep good the night before. I was tired, cranky and nervous. Don’t you wish I had asked you to drive me?

So there we were going down Holcombe Boulevard on our way to the Medical Center. When I am nervous, I have a tendency to talk to other drivers because they just aren’t driving right.

If you are going to turn, just do it. You don’t have to think about it.”

You know, I wish you would go a little bit slower. 15 miles an hour is just way too fast for me.”

You get the idea.

Occasionally I gave DF helpful information and suggestions.

Be careful, there is a car pulling up next to us,” I said

DF replied, “Yes, I see that car in that lane of traffic next to us. We’re not turning for a few blocks, so it’s fine.”

Once we arrived at our destination, I checked in with the receptionist and had a seat. There were quite a few other patients with family members/friends/care givers. Now keep in mind that I was at a place where many people were there to get tests for all kinds of imaginable digestive disorders. Which made it seem especially cruel when two medical employees cruised through the waiting room with a cart brimming with bags of food from a local barbecue restaurant.

Finally I was called back for the preparation stage of this journey. I was directed to a curtain lined cubicle where there was a small hospital bed, a lovely gown (don’t forget.…the nurse reminded me.….it opens towards the back), and a cute pair of beige socks with non-slip tread on the bottom.

When I had finished changing clothes and made myself comfortable, the curtains opened again and I was greeted by two nurses. I got my official hospital wrist band, I had my “vitals” taken, and I answered a bunch of questions. Then DF was brought back to visit with me until it was my turn.

The waiting began. Since there were several other patients in cubicles all around me, I would occasionally catch snippets of conversations. I could tell the nurses were asking the same types of questions I had answered. They seemed very interested in sleep apnea.

One nurse even walked into the cubicle next to mine and I heard her say, “Hello, I am one of the Susans, my name is nurse.” Everyone seemed to get a good laugh about that. I was glad that Susan wasn’t my nurse.

Finally, it was my turn. I was wheeled back to the procedure room and the last thing I remembered was talking with the nurses. The next thing I knew I was waking up to see DF. I almost wondered how he got back into the procedure room, but then realized that I was in recovery. Everything was over and I had survived.

The road trip back home was much more pleasant than the drive earlier that day. This time I had just enough medication that I never felt the need to talk to other drivers or give DF any driving instructions. He seemed to enjoy that much better.

Now that I am back in good health, please check back later this week when I will post my first official annual Halloween Blog.…..Boo!

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  1. I love the kitty pics accompanying your road saga to the nerve racking medical procedure! It expanded your story to include who was waiting patiently at home for your return.

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